Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 11, 2016

Hello family and friends,

Well this week on Wednesday the people here say that a hurricane hit here haha, and two Mondays ago also hit one but a lot stonger and we didn't have light for a day because some light posts got knocked down or something like that. But I don't think they were hurricanes, but if that was a hurricane, they are pretty sweet haha. We were on the second story of our house watching the storm at night after working that day and it was so crazy. There were about a million lightning bolts hitting around our area that we could see and hail started to fall like the size of a nickel and some the size of a quarter.

Well other than crazy, fun, awesome storms here we had a good week and to let all you guys know, I got my birthday package and just wanted to thank all you guys who put a part in there, I love you all and thanks so much. The video that I got was just amazing haha!

This week we had an alright week, nothing super new, just working and trying to find people who are open to hearing the gospel.

Also, alot of my good friends that I have made here in the mission are leaving this week and I'm really going to miss working with each and every one of them here in the mission and I know that the mission is going to be so different without all of them here, but here we go. 

Well thats it for this week:)

Love you guys!

Elder Flygare

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