Sunday, December 28, 2014

16th Week

Well this week has been crazy preparing for Christmas. We went choraling or caroling, I dont knwo how to spell it, but we did that yeserday and made a member cry and a member invite us over for dinner.
We have like 6 people inviting us over for dinner. I dont know how it will work. haha, but whatever. alot of food:) haha. Just hope it's good food though.
Well we are preparing to have a baptism next week, super excited for it and we have another investigator that wants to be baptized but she needs to get married first. So after that. haha!
Well I miss ya guys and love ya. Hope you have a great chirstmas and wish you the best.
Feliz Navidad!

Elder Flygare

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 15

Well Christmas is getting closer, so excited for it, to talk to my family and mom I got my package and your letter last week. The package was super good. Thanks, it had so much love in it;) haha love ya guys. Thanks for all the food, the mini tree and lights, and so far the letters I have opened.
So this week was super good. We set a baptism date with Angelica, our super postive investigator. She is planning for the 28th of Deciembre, but yesterday she came to church, which was expected, but then after sacrament, she went to the next class and in that class we talked about the word of wisdom, (plabra de sabiduria) and that is one thing she needs to work on. We haven't taught her that lesson yet so we were kinda nervous how she would take it. She told us before that she drinks coffee, but during the class she didn't say a word and then after she shook my hand and left....I was like what the crap we have 1 more hour... and she left... is she mad at us for not teaching her about coffee yet or what happened? So we went by her house yesterday after church. She wasn't there but her son said she was up the road. So we start walking up the road and we find her. She was at another house and she said hey misiionaries are you guys looking for me and we said ya we are. We told her we would visit one family first and be back in 30 min. and she said that's fine because she has some questions for us and than we got super scared. We went and taught the family and after my comp. was freaking out...  We went to her house and we started with a prayer. Then we asked for her question and we would do our best to answer it. She said that at church she learned something new... then she asked what's the difference between templos and churches... WOAH what a relief. haha. becuase in church a lady gave a talk about churches and temples. We were scared she was going to say something about coffee. So we answered her question about the temples and then asked about the coffee. She said that she doesnt drink alot and she knows it not good for our body so she said she would stop... haha the best day of my life. I'm so happy to finally have a fetcha (date) on the 28th.
Well thats my report for this week. Doing super good and keep doing better:) haha, miss you all and wish ya a Merry Christmas.

Elder Flygare

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 14

This week was really good. We had 33 lessons again. We have alot of progressing investigators but when we are about to invite them to baptism with a date, they flake... it sucks, but hopefully we can get 3 or 4 to accept to baptism with a date before the end of this change and get 1 or 2 to be baptized. That's our goal is to get 3 or 4 this change and we teach this one grandma who is sooooo positive and she knows that she needs to get baptized to change her life and wants to change but...she said she wants to wait a little bit. so I think the first week of January is good for her. I think she was thinking like within a few days. Haha, but she loves church. She loves how we dont clap and yell haha, she is pretty calm and is like a mom to us. She asks if we need food and how we are doing and what we need help with haha. She is so nice, she tried to hug my comp the other day haha, and he had to refuse haha. It was so funny.

These are answers to question I asked Colton.  Just random things I wondering.
Q:  Did you get your Christmas packages yet?
A:   So I havent recieved my package yet. Maybe this Thursday or next Thursday. We only recieve stuff on Thursdays.
Q:   What is your favorite thing about your area?
A:   My favorite thing in this area is the members.
Q:   What is your least favorite thing about your area?
A:   My least favorite thing is the investigators are so difficult... haha they are positive one lessons and want baptism and then next dont want anything...
Q:   Do you get a long with your companions?
A:   Ya, I get along with my comp for the most part. He is a little different but I love him, he is my dad haha!
Q:   Colton - I want more pictures! (Not really a question!)
A:   I'll send more pictures mom, dont worry. haha but I cant find wifi to send it... sorry.
Q:  What other kind of foods do you eat?
A:  We had Wendys today, it was super good. a little taste of American! haha. We eat alot of beans and rice and tortillas at members houses.

Doing good in El Salvador, doing good in Candelaria. learning something new everyday.

elder flygare

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 13

Well this week was better than last week in lessons. We has 33 lessons this week and 10 with miembro. Haha, I love teaching our investigators. Right now we have 7 progressing investigators and today we are hoping to set 3 or 4 fetchas (dates) for baptism. Hopefully, 2 or three are in this change.

So this week after changes we didn't have water at all in our city for 3 days... so you know what that means... alot of deodarant haha. Well today is the start of December and guess what in a couple weeks I get to talk to my family.  I'm so excited and can't wait.

This week we had one investigator come to church and she said she loved how it invited the spirit and was so peaceful. She loved how there was zero clapping and yelling.  We then showed her the baptismal font and she said she wanted to be baptized, but then my trainer didn't set a date... I would have if I would have known what she was saying but there was alot of stuff going on and I had no idea what she was saying. Someday, someday my Spanish will be better. Haha!

Well I will show some pictures from the hike last week. It was sweet.


Elder Flygare

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 12

Sweet! Last week in this change! Almost 3 months done. Crazy how long its been.  So this week we had a Thanksgiving lunch. We wrote our families a letter so family prepare for a letter and then we ate lunch which was really good. I met up with my comp from the MTC, Elder Rietveld. Sounds like he is doing great and his Spanish is good. I remember when we would teach in the mtc, haha! If we taught lessons now I think we would do so great. I know so much more Spanish.

So this week the other elders in our area had a baptism. The girls name is Maria and she is 70 something years old. She was super happy after and we went and had cake at her house. Her husband went to church with us, he isn't a member or getting baptized, but he is 95 years old, haha and can barely hear. He went to church and then got hungry and left to go get some food, then no body could find him...a 95 year old guy ran away from church haha. but he finally made it home yesterday and he is fine.

So our week was good for me and my comp. We had 31 lessons and have tons of progressing investigators. So that's always good.
Well today for pday we are going to hike a huge mountain, I'll take some pictures. it will probably be a 4 hour hike all together.
Well thats it for this week, talk to ya next week.

Elder Flygare