Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Third Week

so today is the third P-day. im so glad that im half way done with here... i just wanna get out into the field but my spanish isnt that great yet. but i am learning and i feel it getting better as we go teach our investigators. i know how to say a lot of simple stuff. but simple is the way to go hah.
so today we went to the temple. the temple is getting reconstructed or something like that so we just went to the visitors center. i bought a bag and a scripture case for 50 bucks. 500 pesos. it was awesome. i love the bag i got. the visitors temple was awesome too. great to finally get out of this place for a while. i now know why vanessa doesnt like driving. mexico is crazy. like 10X crazier than any place i have ever been. like california is a joke compared to mexico on traffic and crazy drivers. i kinda wanted to see an accident happen but not the best of luck.
i have been talking to people from el salvador alot and they say the weather is muy bueno. which is a god sign. it never to hot and never to cold. it only gets cold when its night time. which im fine with. my comp wakes up every morning and is frezzing and im totally fine. and hes from utah, so i think hes just a baby;)
haha jk i love him.
so cage soccer is life here, thats all we do every gym time and p day. but sometimes we play volleyball and it kinda kills me to see some kids play. they cant hit the ball to save there life... its kinda sad.
well we have a special person coming to talk to us tomorrow for a devotional. and our zone and 2 others are in it singing for the choir. i dont know how many of you have heard me sing but its pretty bad. then add spanish into it and it sounds even worse. lately i have been reading my scriptures more at night instead of just talking to everyone. im trying to read them in spanish because i think that will help me understand what people are trying to say better. even though the scriptures are in tu and not usted. but whatever. i hope every one is doing great. i miss everyone.
i would like to leave you guys with my testimony in spanish. its small and simple but i know it can affect investigators a lot. just by telling them what you know to be true. bearing your testimony might be hard at home but once you do it 50 times a day. it becomes so easy to tell anybody. the more times you bear your testimony the stronger it will get.
yo se que jose smith fue un verdadero propheta. yo se que dios es amoroso, que por medio orocion nosotros puede hablamos a dios sobre todos. amo todos persones mucho. en el nombre de JesuCristo

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week Two

This week was whole lot better. went by a lot faster than i thought. like the first week was super slow. but this week i feel like when we give lessons i can think of something that's just a simple truth and tell him in Spanish. so last week we were teaching a guy named Giovanni and it was getting really hard to understand him in Spanish. he was asking how we know the truth of the Book of Mormon and that Jose Smith was a prophet of god. me an my comp. couldn't figure out what to say. we didn't know that much Spanish. so i just opened up to Moroni´s promise in Moroni 10: 4-5. and he read it and his whole mood changed. he just was so calm and had so much peace. then i asked him to pray and know for himself. he accepted. so this week we got 2 new investigators. ones name is Jorge and the others name is Carlos. they are both super cool. both are Mormon, just doing role plays. but both are our teachers so we can get help when we don't do so good and stuff like that. but we have this thing called tall to help us learn Spanish at the MTC, this thing helps but sometimes it gets super confusing. so on Monday it was mexico independence day. we had this dance thing at night and a group of Mexicanos performed for us. it was definitely different, but it was so neat to see there culture and sing the mexico national anthem. we have been learning it for a week. it is super long, like 9 verses. way longer than our national anthem. but i think ours has so much more meaning. you know what i mean. well, Tuesdays always has the best dinner, we got pizza last night. it nice to stop eating Mexican food, take a break and eat some Costco pizza or something like that. last week we got hamburgers, i don't know if i already said that or not but oh well. i cant really remember what happened this week. its all a blur, hopefully not every week is like that. it would suck. i want to remember a lot of the stuff that happened. but my whole district is pretty cool. it would suck way more if i didn't have a cool district and companion. 
well that's it for this week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Week

Well today is my P-day and I have an hour to be on the computers. The first couple days sucked... they were really long and full of Spanish, which I know none of. I had such a big headache the second day. My companions name is Elder Reitveld, he is from Murray Utah. When he got here he did not know a lick of Spanish and he would ask me what they were saying. I could only pick out bits and pieces of what they were saying but it still helped a little bit. My comp. is the funniest guy you will ever meet. He has such funny stories haha. He is a golfer. I have only met one swimmer while I have been here and he was alright. Not trying to be cocky or anything but my times kill his. haha. I really miss you guys. I get emails that say wow it's already been a week but it feels like I have been here for a month. The Spanish I have learned so far is crazy. We learned how to pray and bear our testimony in Spanish before Sunday. So mom, you have to do tons of Spanish to get use to it. You need to learn to pray in Spanish and just speak Spanglish as much as possible.  I taught an investigator (fake) the first lesson the second day I was here, that's why I had such a big headache. i could barely understand and i could barely talk. we have taught him 3 lessons so far and today will be the fourth. we are going to commit him to baptism today. Brody left this week but he would talk to the Mexicans here like fluently. so hopefully i get that way. There are 5 people going to El Salvador, Santa Ana, that includes me. It's three hermanas and me and my companion. There are quite a bit going to El Salvador though, like maybe 10 to 15, but all the others are on their like 5th week. Oh and if its one thing that I learned here, its to not eat the beans... they fly through you. Well I love and miss you all. Have fun. See ya in one year and like 51 weeks. ;)

Elder Flygare

the city is awesome.  well looks awesome.

this kid is going to play baseball at byu after his mission. he is going to go pro. elder richins

the squad

el salvador crew

Before the flight to Mexico...

At the airport, taken by someone who sent it to a friend once she found out who he was.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First Letter!

hey fam,
i would like to send a quick email to you guys. i love you guys so much and couldnt of asked for better parents. so i got here today and arizona is two hours behind mexico. so i thought the flight would be longer. but i guess not. so i traveled with only one person that is going to the same mission as me and its a girl. she is from idaho and her cousin was with her till the gate and she knew the pachecos because she lives in gilbert. crazy because i had that package for brody. how is it down there in Guatemala cason? is tyson your comp.? i dont know my comp yet. so far the people in mexico are crazy drivers and dont know very much english so we were all confused. i had to through away tacos at the airport for brody because it was against the food policy... ¿how are tacos bad in mexico? i have no idea. well i love you guys and wish you the best. remember ill be ok here, im doing the lords work. tell everyone i love them and i miss you guys.

love Elder Flygare
 well i need to send you guys something from the CCM here in mexico

Your Missionary's mailing address is:

[Elder Flygare]
[8-15-14] [11-D]
Carretera Tenayuca-Chalmita #828
Colonia Zona Escolar, Gustavo A. Madero
07230 Mexico, Distrito Federal