Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Week Two

This week was whole lot better. went by a lot faster than i thought. like the first week was super slow. but this week i feel like when we give lessons i can think of something that's just a simple truth and tell him in Spanish. so last week we were teaching a guy named Giovanni and it was getting really hard to understand him in Spanish. he was asking how we know the truth of the Book of Mormon and that Jose Smith was a prophet of god. me an my comp. couldn't figure out what to say. we didn't know that much Spanish. so i just opened up to Moroni´s promise in Moroni 10: 4-5. and he read it and his whole mood changed. he just was so calm and had so much peace. then i asked him to pray and know for himself. he accepted. so this week we got 2 new investigators. ones name is Jorge and the others name is Carlos. they are both super cool. both are Mormon, just doing role plays. but both are our teachers so we can get help when we don't do so good and stuff like that. but we have this thing called tall to help us learn Spanish at the MTC, this thing helps but sometimes it gets super confusing. so on Monday it was mexico independence day. we had this dance thing at night and a group of Mexicanos performed for us. it was definitely different, but it was so neat to see there culture and sing the mexico national anthem. we have been learning it for a week. it is super long, like 9 verses. way longer than our national anthem. but i think ours has so much more meaning. you know what i mean. well, Tuesdays always has the best dinner, we got pizza last night. it nice to stop eating Mexican food, take a break and eat some Costco pizza or something like that. last week we got hamburgers, i don't know if i already said that or not but oh well. i cant really remember what happened this week. its all a blur, hopefully not every week is like that. it would suck. i want to remember a lot of the stuff that happened. but my whole district is pretty cool. it would suck way more if i didn't have a cool district and companion. 
well that's it for this week.

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