Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First Week

Well today is my P-day and I have an hour to be on the computers. The first couple days sucked... they were really long and full of Spanish, which I know none of. I had such a big headache the second day. My companions name is Elder Reitveld, he is from Murray Utah. When he got here he did not know a lick of Spanish and he would ask me what they were saying. I could only pick out bits and pieces of what they were saying but it still helped a little bit. My comp. is the funniest guy you will ever meet. He has such funny stories haha. He is a golfer. I have only met one swimmer while I have been here and he was alright. Not trying to be cocky or anything but my times kill his. haha. I really miss you guys. I get emails that say wow it's already been a week but it feels like I have been here for a month. The Spanish I have learned so far is crazy. We learned how to pray and bear our testimony in Spanish before Sunday. So mom, you have to do tons of Spanish to get use to it. You need to learn to pray in Spanish and just speak Spanglish as much as possible.  I taught an investigator (fake) the first lesson the second day I was here, that's why I had such a big headache. i could barely understand and i could barely talk. we have taught him 3 lessons so far and today will be the fourth. we are going to commit him to baptism today. Brody left this week but he would talk to the Mexicans here like fluently. so hopefully i get that way. There are 5 people going to El Salvador, Santa Ana, that includes me. It's three hermanas and me and my companion. There are quite a bit going to El Salvador though, like maybe 10 to 15, but all the others are on their like 5th week. Oh and if its one thing that I learned here, its to not eat the beans... they fly through you. Well I love and miss you all. Have fun. See ya in one year and like 51 weeks. ;)

Elder Flygare

the city is awesome.  well looks awesome.

this kid is going to play baseball at byu after his mission. he is going to go pro. elder richins

the squad

el salvador crew

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