Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 12

Sweet! Last week in this change! Almost 3 months done. Crazy how long its been.  So this week we had a Thanksgiving lunch. We wrote our families a letter so family prepare for a letter and then we ate lunch which was really good. I met up with my comp from the MTC, Elder Rietveld. Sounds like he is doing great and his Spanish is good. I remember when we would teach in the mtc, haha! If we taught lessons now I think we would do so great. I know so much more Spanish.

So this week the other elders in our area had a baptism. The girls name is Maria and she is 70 something years old. She was super happy after and we went and had cake at her house. Her husband went to church with us, he isn't a member or getting baptized, but he is 95 years old, haha and can barely hear. He went to church and then got hungry and left to go get some food, then no body could find him...a 95 year old guy ran away from church haha. but he finally made it home yesterday and he is fine.

So our week was good for me and my comp. We had 31 lessons and have tons of progressing investigators. So that's always good.
Well today for pday we are going to hike a huge mountain, I'll take some pictures. it will probably be a 4 hour hike all together.
Well thats it for this week, talk to ya next week.

Elder Flygare

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11

So this week I did a lot. We taught the most leccions we have ever done and we were suppose to have 6 poeple attend church. Sadly that never works out, haha. We had one who had a baptismal date but now we have to teach him again because he has problems with some of the commandments. Nothing's better than teaching, haha.
This week I got to shoot a pellet gun. The family goes hunting for birds and eats them for dinner. So as we teach them I will learn how they cook them and make them for when I get home...haha jk, but I want to go hunting with this family, maybe on a p day.
then I also went with the distict leader this week to get some baptismal dates for the hermanas. I didnt talk much but they all wanted me to pray, haha so ok it's alright, I have gotten good at praying in Spanish. haha!
I gave two blessings this week, one to a baby while the mom was breastfeeding it and one to a member with a job interview today.
I found a cochroach that was 4 inches long. It was so nasty.
We taught a family with over 60 chickens and they run around everywhere. haha, there were so many and I was trying to catch the little chicks. haha!
We also went to the border today for p day, because it's in our mission and I can say I was closer to Cason, but it was cool I got 2 shirts for 3.50 each. and they are Calvin Klein shirts. Haha, so they are super soft but those are for after the mission. haha! Well thats it.

Elder Flygare

Monday, November 10, 2014

10th Week

Well this week was great. This week, understanding what people were saying finally clicked. I can understand people now. Well not all of it but most of it. So I'm super happy for that and I can sorta talk to people on my own and not have my comp help, but there are still alot of times where I have him help me translate a story or something thats more meaningful to me.

We have a baptism on the 30th of November and I can't wait for it. The kid is 17 and is such a good kid. He really wants to do better. He has such a stong desire. I know that if he gets baptized it will be such an impact on his family. We are also super close with one other and her daughter turns 8 in January.... crazy. The daughter actually sits in on all the lessons and she prayed before her mom did. She will be such a good member, I just know it.

Pictures - well buffalo wild wings last week, thats whats up haha!
and this is my comp playing with my camera haha!

Elder Flygare

Monday, November 3, 2014

9th Week

Well another week has passed and they are going by a lot faster. People say that the first two changes are super slow but then it picks up. If it goes faster than this, then I'll be at a year before I know it. So today we are going to buffalo wild wings for my companions uno ano. So next week I'll send pictures.
so I saw a cow scratching his head with his back foot....I have only seen dogs do that, cows are too fat to do that. what the? But we have been getting alot of food from members lately because our stake president macheted the members for not feeding us enough haha. So que chivo. (thats cool) the El Salvadorian way. Haha!
So far 4 people have commited to baptism without a date, we have to work on some stuff first with them. They need to go to church, but hopefully within the next month I can get a couple baptisms.
They listen to alot of American music here, I hear it in the cars as they drive by and I'm really starting to like the latino music.... haha I didnt really like it before I left but now I love it.
Well take care, just 2 months down. haha!

Elder Flygare