Monday, November 10, 2014

10th Week

Well this week was great. This week, understanding what people were saying finally clicked. I can understand people now. Well not all of it but most of it. So I'm super happy for that and I can sorta talk to people on my own and not have my comp help, but there are still alot of times where I have him help me translate a story or something thats more meaningful to me.

We have a baptism on the 30th of November and I can't wait for it. The kid is 17 and is such a good kid. He really wants to do better. He has such a stong desire. I know that if he gets baptized it will be such an impact on his family. We are also super close with one other and her daughter turns 8 in January.... crazy. The daughter actually sits in on all the lessons and she prayed before her mom did. She will be such a good member, I just know it.

Pictures - well buffalo wild wings last week, thats whats up haha!
and this is my comp playing with my camera haha!

Elder Flygare

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