Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11

So this week I did a lot. We taught the most leccions we have ever done and we were suppose to have 6 poeple attend church. Sadly that never works out, haha. We had one who had a baptismal date but now we have to teach him again because he has problems with some of the commandments. Nothing's better than teaching, haha.
This week I got to shoot a pellet gun. The family goes hunting for birds and eats them for dinner. So as we teach them I will learn how they cook them and make them for when I get home...haha jk, but I want to go hunting with this family, maybe on a p day.
then I also went with the distict leader this week to get some baptismal dates for the hermanas. I didnt talk much but they all wanted me to pray, haha so ok it's alright, I have gotten good at praying in Spanish. haha!
I gave two blessings this week, one to a baby while the mom was breastfeeding it and one to a member with a job interview today.
I found a cochroach that was 4 inches long. It was so nasty.
We taught a family with over 60 chickens and they run around everywhere. haha, there were so many and I was trying to catch the little chicks. haha!
We also went to the border today for p day, because it's in our mission and I can say I was closer to Cason, but it was cool I got 2 shirts for 3.50 each. and they are Calvin Klein shirts. Haha, so they are super soft but those are for after the mission. haha! Well thats it.

Elder Flygare

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