Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 25, 2016

How are you guys doing back at home? I'm here in Turin still!!! and I love this area and I love my new comp (not gayly). We are both gringos! He is from Utah and his name is Elder Laing, I don't know if I told you guys that last week but it is seriously so much fun. It's so good to have a little break from talking Spanish every minute after 18 months. haha!

This week we watched the devotional for all the misisonaries and I really learned alot. It was way good and I loved it. I just don't know why they don't do that more often, and also this week we were able to listen to Elder Cook at the temple. It was super sweet and his testimony was the best, I have no doubt that they are apostles of God and that they are witnesses of him. I love this gospel and this church. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I know that everyone can come to know that it is true, that's the great promise that the Book of Mormon has. Read, ponder, and pray.

I love you guys.
Elder Flygare

The zone:)
The temple with my new comp!

I got to meet Cason's Trainer (he is from El Salvador)

January 18, 2016

Well changes came. My comp is leaving and he is going to Cuatepeque, the district that we both were in before when we were together. My new comp is going to be Elder Laing from Utah. He went to provo and I'm pretty sure he knows the Flygares up there in Utah. He said he knows Dane and Sydney. Tomorrow I will get him as my comp and we will see how it goes.
But this week we saw a miracle and then we saw everything fall.

We met two new people who accepted to get baptized and then they didn't go to church and said they aren't sure if they want to get baptized. So it's a little hard now haha. We will see how it goes though. They say it's because of a guy in the ward, but a lot of the girls here are drama queens. So we will see what happens.

Love you guys and talk to you next week:)

Elder Flygare

January 11, 2016

Well this week we saw a miracle!!!! It was the best. Last month we had 2 dates for the 25th but one of them didn't get baptized because his parents wouldn't sign the paper. They said that they wanted him to wait 2 years until he could get baptized!!! But we passed by on Tuesday and he said that his parents are going to sign the paper. I didn't know to believe him or not because he had been saying that for a while and then they didn't sign it. But they came in and they finally signed the paper. Woahhhhhh! So on Sunday he got baptized:) he was so excited and his grandpa came with him to the baptism and to church. We will see what he thinks of it:)

Other than that we had a meeting with president and all the leaders this week. It was fun and we did it in the mission house. So there is a photo below with all of us and we have some changes here in the mission. The change days are changing and it will be on Tuesday and not on Wednesday. I go home one day earlier;) woahhhh haha, just kidding, but I am going to go home a day earlier.
So that was it and we are going to see next week if my comp has changes.
Love you guys!

Elder Flygare

January 4 2016

Well this week was awesome. The New Years. We had to be in at 8 o'clock because the president didn't want us to through fireworks and didn't want us to do anything stupid and be out of harm's way.
But it was great and well I didn't have anything super crazy happen this week but we are pushing along and hopefully we can see more baptisms this month in our area. We think like 3 or 4:)

Well adios

Elder Flygare

December 28th 2015

The best week ever!!!!
There is nothing like being born again on the day of Christ's birth.

Well it was good having the 3rd skype session with my family. That just means one more before I'm home... how scary.
This week was the actividad as a mission and we had a Christmas activity as a district. The activity as a mission was fun and I got together with a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while. We watched a movie called Arthur's Christmas and we played a couple games and ya the group of gringos was the best;) haha!
The activity as a district was pretty fun, we had french toast and we had a flour war... it sucked haha. I had that stuff in my ears, nose, and down my throat... and it didn't feel good haha.
But also we had the activity as a ward and it was super  awesome. We did a skit thing... well let's just say that we sang and I can't sing....

Well that's it for this week
Talk to you guys next week!

Elder Flygare

December 21st 2015

Well this week was a another week down and another week closer to talking to my family. This week I will be able to talk to them and I'm really so happy for this 25th. This week has been pretty good. I went on 2 interchanges and it went really well. I went to another area and we went with a family and they have a little daughter who hasn't been baptized yet and she has 9 years. So she went to church yesterday and will get baptized this next month.

Well, so we went with this family this week that are members and they always give us lunch on Sundays and they were asking me about what is the holiday that passed last month? What is Thanksgiving? Who made it up? and one time the dad asked me like 5 times the same question and all I said was si because I was done with explaining it over and over again and they all started to laugh and right now they think that I don't understand Spanish because I answered the same way like 5 times, but everything is good, Better if they think I don't know Spanish because then they don't ask me a ton of questions, haha!

Well that's it, haha adios!

Elder Flygare