Thursday, February 4, 2016

January 11, 2016

Well this week we saw a miracle!!!! It was the best. Last month we had 2 dates for the 25th but one of them didn't get baptized because his parents wouldn't sign the paper. They said that they wanted him to wait 2 years until he could get baptized!!! But we passed by on Tuesday and he said that his parents are going to sign the paper. I didn't know to believe him or not because he had been saying that for a while and then they didn't sign it. But they came in and they finally signed the paper. Woahhhhhh! So on Sunday he got baptized:) he was so excited and his grandpa came with him to the baptism and to church. We will see what he thinks of it:)

Other than that we had a meeting with president and all the leaders this week. It was fun and we did it in the mission house. So there is a photo below with all of us and we have some changes here in the mission. The change days are changing and it will be on Tuesday and not on Wednesday. I go home one day earlier;) woahhhh haha, just kidding, but I am going to go home a day earlier.
So that was it and we are going to see next week if my comp has changes.
Love you guys!

Elder Flygare

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