Thursday, February 4, 2016

December 28th 2015

The best week ever!!!!
There is nothing like being born again on the day of Christ's birth.

Well it was good having the 3rd skype session with my family. That just means one more before I'm home... how scary.
This week was the actividad as a mission and we had a Christmas activity as a district. The activity as a mission was fun and I got together with a lot of friends I haven't seen in a while. We watched a movie called Arthur's Christmas and we played a couple games and ya the group of gringos was the best;) haha!
The activity as a district was pretty fun, we had french toast and we had a flour war... it sucked haha. I had that stuff in my ears, nose, and down my throat... and it didn't feel good haha.
But also we had the activity as a ward and it was super  awesome. We did a skit thing... well let's just say that we sang and I can't sing....

Well that's it for this week
Talk to you guys next week!

Elder Flygare

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