Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 8

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 12:46:14 -0600
Subject: second week- candeleria (2)

Group email -

So this week was a good week until Sunday. We had 3 people accept to go to church and one person that said he would think about baptism. But then Sunday came and not one person came or was home when we went to get them.... it was kinda sad. But our days are usually set with lecciones. So this Sunday the stake president came and talked to the ward. Our ward is pretty big and we have a lot of really cool members, but we have so much less actives in this area. Most people here get baptized and then go inactive. So we have to teach lessons with investigators a lot to help them keep there testimonies and visit less actives and visit new investigadores for one year after baptism. So there is a lot of stuff to do and tons of walking. Have a good week guys.
Elder Flygare

His email to the fam -

love you mom and dad,
So in the package can I have a USB port of songs, Cheese Its and Pringles, those are super expensive here and the music, can it be, Piano Guys, Disney music, and some BYU vocal point? and can you send and look for a quarter of Minnesota, Arizona, and Illinois. later it will explain
so do you know what I didn't bring but need... a blanket, I need one as of next month because last night was freezing. I got my towel and rapped it around me. Haha! anything to stay warm.
Tell Chace to start making a list of movies I need to see when I get home. Haha, so I can see how big the list is. and i'm glad you guys love the pictures. i'll take more this week of the area and if I stay in this area for Christmas there is one lady who has a computer and stuff so I might be able to Skype from there. The people have a fetish of collecting the 50 states of quarters. it's funny, my comp always asks about what kind of quarters people have.
I'm going on splits with the zone leader this week and he lives in a richer area so I will have a warm shower and have good food.
This week we had coffee de maiz and it was disgusting. I guess the members drink it here. so its ok? I have no idea. Haha, and love you guys and read Mosiah 4 this week. Great chapter and one of my favorites. We have one investigators with so many questions and all about false stuff about our church. So we have to explain it so much and so well or he gets on us about it, but outside of those questions he is really positive and has such a strong testimony.
Love ya guys!

Elder Flygare

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seventh Week - Out in the Field!

Well this is where I start my mission, in Candeleria. It's a pretty nice little are, way different than I expected and a tons of walking. but tomorrow we get to go through the temple. its awesome. I cant wait. So today we got a shorter p-day, but its what ever. I have bought a backpack and a soccer jersey already. This hour to write goes by so fast. so I will try to write fast.

Our house is a two story and with another companionship. my trainer is Elder Tecun. He is an awesome guy and has worked in the office for 9 months. He is almost at his year mark. He knows quite a bit of English so that's really good or we wouldn't be able to talk. So he said this area has the fastest talkers he has every heard. So the first day I didn't understand anything. now I can pick out a lot of words but not really sentences. We have found 14 new investigators since Wednesday. So for me that sounds awesome. Haha!

Well on Friday we ate some chicken and I threw up that night, but nothing stops the work so I kept teaching on Saturday. It's awesome how fast I started to feel better. the food here is awesome. I have cereal in the mornings, I have made eggs but only once, too much time.

Well I have seen weird things here in El Salvador, just not normal for the U.S. i have seen moms breast feeding, so much trash everywhere and dogs that are the skinniest things ever. the buses are weird, so many people. the houses are weird, huge spiders, cockroaches, everything.

Haha, well that's about it,

Elder Flygare

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5th Week

Well I got my flight plans!!!!! The best news I have heard from here. I leave on monday at 1:30 in the afternoon. So hopefully they have hamburgers again on monday at lunch haha! I fly straight to El Salvador, so a two hour flight but El Salvador is one hour behind so I think its the same time as Utah? Not sure.
Anywho, we played some sports this week, I didnt do anything too crazy, my ankle hurt a little bit but i just would take a break when it would hurt. It doesnt hurt to run on, just to cut and turn on it.

Conference was crazy good. I loved every second of it. I took like 6 pages of notes just on Saturday. I saw Cayden Carpenter and Brett Payne singing in the choir at priesthood session. Good job you guys. You two were right next to each other. haha. I didnt recognize Cayden at first because his hair wasn't up in a fohawk, but you still look good my man. haha!

My last p day in the MTC is today. I'm happy to get out of here but sad because my whole district besides 4 of us is going back to the states. So I won't see them again till probably after the mission.

I have made some good friends here and have met some cool people. I met an foreign exchange student that went to our school 2 years ago. Her name is Hermana Beovide or aka Victoria Beovide. I thought she looked familiar at first but it wasn't till she called me over to talk to her that I found out that she went to my school and that she was in Cason's semiary class. I'll put pictures up and she knows Nick and Seth that are out on their missions right now. It's crazy that I knew here, she's from Uruguay and I have tried to talk spanish to here but my spanish isn't that great, haha!

Well that's it, I have already listened to a couple of talks again from conference. They're great. Love and miss you all.

Elder Flygare

elder flygare

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 4

Hey guys, so this is onto week 5. Two more weeks and I'm out of here. I'm so happy I just want to get out because it will be so much better. Sitting in Spanish class isnt to fun, all you do is sit there and learn new phrases in Spanish. It's helpful and such but spanish has a lot of dumb rules you have to follow and then there's always something to counter it so I never know when to use which word or conjugate it well. That's all a part of learning though.
So this week we had fast Sunday. Conference is coming up and I'm looking forward to it but not to be sitting in a chair the whole time. I miss just laying down on the couch and just relaxing.  But im so excited I get to listen to conference at the MTC, the spirit is so strong here and I know its just going to be an awesome experience.
So yesterday (tuesday) we were playing cage soccer (like always) and jumped up to knock the ball down and our goalie called for it right before I jumped. but I was almost about to jump so I just followed through. I hit the ball but I landed on his toes when I came down and sprained my ankle pretty bad. It's way swollen and so I decided to go get it checked out this morning because it hurt more today and after he was done checking it out he said that we could go get an x-ray today or we could wait till friday and see if the pain and swelling goes away. So I said Friday, and we are gonna go get a check up with him again on Friday and he gave me crutches (I dont know how to spell that) but i had the choice between crutches and a wheel chair. i might go get a wheel chair because I hate crutches so much, haha! I wish they had an electric chair haha, but the up side of getting an x-ray is that I get to go on the outside of the fence again, haha its always a good time to see the outside. The doctor was most worried about where the pain was in my ankle, it was right on the bone so he said I could have broken it or just a real bad sprain. but nothing to bad to worry about . ill be fine. so today we were suppose to do a volleyball tournament against our zone and there are alot of good guys in our zone but everyone says we lost the best in our district. haha they only call me the best because I know how to set it to them. But there's one guy in our zone that is going to play for BYU when he gets home. He is like 6 foot 8 or 9 and he is a beast. We played before on the same team and me and him dominated everyone. I would set it to him most of the time and he just kills the ball.
Well I think thats it for today, miss you all and I'll email ya next week.

Elder Flygare