Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Seventh Week - Out in the Field!

Well this is where I start my mission, in Candeleria. It's a pretty nice little are, way different than I expected and a tons of walking. but tomorrow we get to go through the temple. its awesome. I cant wait. So today we got a shorter p-day, but its what ever. I have bought a backpack and a soccer jersey already. This hour to write goes by so fast. so I will try to write fast.

Our house is a two story and with another companionship. my trainer is Elder Tecun. He is an awesome guy and has worked in the office for 9 months. He is almost at his year mark. He knows quite a bit of English so that's really good or we wouldn't be able to talk. So he said this area has the fastest talkers he has every heard. So the first day I didn't understand anything. now I can pick out a lot of words but not really sentences. We have found 14 new investigators since Wednesday. So for me that sounds awesome. Haha!

Well on Friday we ate some chicken and I threw up that night, but nothing stops the work so I kept teaching on Saturday. It's awesome how fast I started to feel better. the food here is awesome. I have cereal in the mornings, I have made eggs but only once, too much time.

Well I have seen weird things here in El Salvador, just not normal for the U.S. i have seen moms breast feeding, so much trash everywhere and dogs that are the skinniest things ever. the buses are weird, so many people. the houses are weird, huge spiders, cockroaches, everything.

Haha, well that's about it,

Elder Flygare

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