Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 4

Hey guys, so this is onto week 5. Two more weeks and I'm out of here. I'm so happy I just want to get out because it will be so much better. Sitting in Spanish class isnt to fun, all you do is sit there and learn new phrases in Spanish. It's helpful and such but spanish has a lot of dumb rules you have to follow and then there's always something to counter it so I never know when to use which word or conjugate it well. That's all a part of learning though.
So this week we had fast Sunday. Conference is coming up and I'm looking forward to it but not to be sitting in a chair the whole time. I miss just laying down on the couch and just relaxing.  But im so excited I get to listen to conference at the MTC, the spirit is so strong here and I know its just going to be an awesome experience.
So yesterday (tuesday) we were playing cage soccer (like always) and jumped up to knock the ball down and our goalie called for it right before I jumped. but I was almost about to jump so I just followed through. I hit the ball but I landed on his toes when I came down and sprained my ankle pretty bad. It's way swollen and so I decided to go get it checked out this morning because it hurt more today and after he was done checking it out he said that we could go get an x-ray today or we could wait till friday and see if the pain and swelling goes away. So I said Friday, and we are gonna go get a check up with him again on Friday and he gave me crutches (I dont know how to spell that) but i had the choice between crutches and a wheel chair. i might go get a wheel chair because I hate crutches so much, haha! I wish they had an electric chair haha, but the up side of getting an x-ray is that I get to go on the outside of the fence again, haha its always a good time to see the outside. The doctor was most worried about where the pain was in my ankle, it was right on the bone so he said I could have broken it or just a real bad sprain. but nothing to bad to worry about . ill be fine. so today we were suppose to do a volleyball tournament against our zone and there are alot of good guys in our zone but everyone says we lost the best in our district. haha they only call me the best because I know how to set it to them. But there's one guy in our zone that is going to play for BYU when he gets home. He is like 6 foot 8 or 9 and he is a beast. We played before on the same team and me and him dominated everyone. I would set it to him most of the time and he just kills the ball.
Well I think thats it for today, miss you all and I'll email ya next week.

Elder Flygare

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