Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5th Week

Well I got my flight plans!!!!! The best news I have heard from here. I leave on monday at 1:30 in the afternoon. So hopefully they have hamburgers again on monday at lunch haha! I fly straight to El Salvador, so a two hour flight but El Salvador is one hour behind so I think its the same time as Utah? Not sure.
Anywho, we played some sports this week, I didnt do anything too crazy, my ankle hurt a little bit but i just would take a break when it would hurt. It doesnt hurt to run on, just to cut and turn on it.

Conference was crazy good. I loved every second of it. I took like 6 pages of notes just on Saturday. I saw Cayden Carpenter and Brett Payne singing in the choir at priesthood session. Good job you guys. You two were right next to each other. haha. I didnt recognize Cayden at first because his hair wasn't up in a fohawk, but you still look good my man. haha!

My last p day in the MTC is today. I'm happy to get out of here but sad because my whole district besides 4 of us is going back to the states. So I won't see them again till probably after the mission.

I have made some good friends here and have met some cool people. I met an foreign exchange student that went to our school 2 years ago. Her name is Hermana Beovide or aka Victoria Beovide. I thought she looked familiar at first but it wasn't till she called me over to talk to her that I found out that she went to my school and that she was in Cason's semiary class. I'll put pictures up and she knows Nick and Seth that are out on their missions right now. It's crazy that I knew here, she's from Uruguay and I have tried to talk spanish to here but my spanish isn't that great, haha!

Well that's it, I have already listened to a couple of talks again from conference. They're great. Love and miss you all.

Elder Flygare

elder flygare

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