Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 20

Well we got another fetcha (date) set for this Thursday. This guy has a wife that was baptized 2 changes ago. They are a young couple. I'll send some pics of him and his wife. The guy's birthday is also this Thursday and this is why we invited him for this day haha. He will be completing 95 years old and he will never forget this day;) haha, but he is almost all the way deaf. We have to yell in his ear for him to hear and he can't read so its super hard to talk to him. haha and this is why the other missionaries couldn't baptize him, because he couldn't understand them. He always talks about how he has been baptized twice when we ask if he wants to get baptized. So we told him that he needed baptism with the autoridad (authority) of God and told him that we have it, that only through this baptism will it be valid in heaven and he accepted haha. Crazy story and crazy week. Hopefully I always remember the experiences this week with members, other missionaries, and just todo (all) haha.
Well, just to let you know everything is todo bien aqui (all good here). and just trying to find alot more news to set some fetchas (dates) with, because it is super frustrating when people don't come to church when they accept the invitation, but whatever, this is the mission haha!
I will love every moment of these 2 years.
This week I learned about the maximo amor (maximum love) our heavenly father has for us. In john 15. it talks about all of this. This chapter is one of my favorites. It talks about how when we follow the commandments of God, we are amigos (friends), but if we don't follow these commandments, we aren't friends with him. What do you want to be? An amigo, friend, of God? Well there you go, think about these questions.

Elder Flygare

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 19

First baptism, wow! It only took me 4 months to do it, but guys I had my first baptism. haha. Her name is Angelica and I have been teaching her for 2 months now, but she is such a good investigator and will always have a special part in my heart as my first baptism and as a devoted member in the church. Before she was baptized she was talking about the temple and how she wants to go in there one year after she is baptized. She is so awesome and I want to visit her after my mission when I return.
But this week was really different. We had changes and my papa left. He went to a zone called Rio Zarco and I got a new comp named Elder Zuniga. He is from Honduras and has 16 months in the mission. He is such a good teacher and I hope I learn alot from him. He doesn't know any English so I hope to learn Spanish fully within this next change. I'll be finishing this change at 6 months. Wow, time flies but I want to be able to understand Spanish and be able to respond with out thinking to much. So hopefully at 6 months I can do that.
Well let's hope for a great change and a great semana this week. All is good in Candelaria.


Elder Flygarenico.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eighteenth Week

Well I found out today that I dont have changes but my comp. does. So there is 8 missionaries here in candelaria and only 3 is changing and 2 of us just got done with training haha. It will be super difficult to show my new comp around and talk to all my investigators for the first week because he wont know them, but hopefully it comes. haha!
So this week was awesome. All our hard work finally payed off, all of it! We have 7 investigators in church, 7!!!! Super crazy. We have never had more than 2 and most the time it has been 0, haha, but we had 7 in church. We have 2 baptism dates and one for the 10th. But hopefully I can get 4 this next change. It will be a big turn around. Right when my trainer is leaving we start to get people to church and we start to get people to accept dates. haha!
But this week also we had a crazy experience of bringing people to church. We were walking and inviting people to church in a calle called Ojo de Agua. That is where our investigator Angelica who has a fetcha (baptism date) lives and so we just got done talking to her and she was going to come. After that some random girl told us that up the road there was a girl that wanted to go to church. Her name was Raina or something and from Guatemala. So me and my comp go up there to see if we can find her, but alot of people get us mixed up for Jehova witnesses, don't ask me why, but we asked some girl that owns a little tienda if she knows a Raina that is up on this road and she says ya this is my friend right here in my house and this girl is like strong in a different religion. So we never taught her to much, but we find out that they are friends and we ask them some questions, but then the girl says we are going to go to church. and me and my comp. think that she means her church so we said oh that's cool, we will come by sometime next week and see how your doing, but when we got to church after inviting all our investigators, the too old ladies were there ready for church and we didn't expect them, at all to go. But me and my comp have been praying super hard to bring people to church because that's the hardest thing for us and finally it happened and 2 new investigators with it. Haha blessings blessings blessings!
Haha gotta love them:)
Well let's have a baptism this week.

Elder Flygare

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 17

Well that baptism we had, fell....she couldnt come to church because she was working. She is a police officer and was super busy over Christmas week. So we didn't get the interview in and we didn't get the baptism, but hopefully next week before changes.

This change has flown by super fast. I can't believe I'm almost done with my training, wow. Now I get to start being a big boy and be in a normal compainonship. haha!

Well I'm thankful for all the letters I got for Christmas. Love you guys lots and thanks again!  I got to skype my family and it was so good to see their faces. I miss them so much I can't wait till mothers day to skype again. haha! Well, navidad was super good. So much food and super rico. Haha, But one of the best things I have ever had was chicken hearts, which was last night. They were so good and I really want more haha. Some investigator made it for us.

Well it is looking like I might be in candelaria for another change after this but im not sure.

Well have a Happy New Years guys, party hard for me:) haha! Use tons of fireworks.

Elder Flygare