Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 17

Well that baptism we had, fell....she couldnt come to church because she was working. She is a police officer and was super busy over Christmas week. So we didn't get the interview in and we didn't get the baptism, but hopefully next week before changes.

This change has flown by super fast. I can't believe I'm almost done with my training, wow. Now I get to start being a big boy and be in a normal compainonship. haha!

Well I'm thankful for all the letters I got for Christmas. Love you guys lots and thanks again!  I got to skype my family and it was so good to see their faces. I miss them so much I can't wait till mothers day to skype again. haha! Well, navidad was super good. So much food and super rico. Haha, But one of the best things I have ever had was chicken hearts, which was last night. They were so good and I really want more haha. Some investigator made it for us.

Well it is looking like I might be in candelaria for another change after this but im not sure.

Well have a Happy New Years guys, party hard for me:) haha! Use tons of fireworks.

Elder Flygare

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