Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 20

Well we got another fetcha (date) set for this Thursday. This guy has a wife that was baptized 2 changes ago. They are a young couple. I'll send some pics of him and his wife. The guy's birthday is also this Thursday and this is why we invited him for this day haha. He will be completing 95 years old and he will never forget this day;) haha, but he is almost all the way deaf. We have to yell in his ear for him to hear and he can't read so its super hard to talk to him. haha and this is why the other missionaries couldn't baptize him, because he couldn't understand them. He always talks about how he has been baptized twice when we ask if he wants to get baptized. So we told him that he needed baptism with the autoridad (authority) of God and told him that we have it, that only through this baptism will it be valid in heaven and he accepted haha. Crazy story and crazy week. Hopefully I always remember the experiences this week with members, other missionaries, and just todo (all) haha.
Well, just to let you know everything is todo bien aqui (all good here). and just trying to find alot more news to set some fetchas (dates) with, because it is super frustrating when people don't come to church when they accept the invitation, but whatever, this is the mission haha!
I will love every moment of these 2 years.
This week I learned about the maximo amor (maximum love) our heavenly father has for us. In john 15. it talks about all of this. This chapter is one of my favorites. It talks about how when we follow the commandments of God, we are amigos (friends), but if we don't follow these commandments, we aren't friends with him. What do you want to be? An amigo, friend, of God? Well there you go, think about these questions.

Elder Flygare

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