Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 21

Well this week we baptized an old man who turned 95 the day after. So we sang him happy birthday and got him a cake. We ate lunch with him and his family for his birthday and had such a fun time with the baptism and confirmation. The baptism was super funny because it took him like 5 min. to walk into the font haha and he wouldn't move into the middle for me to baptize him and then after I finally got him into the middle to baptize him he said he didn't want his whole head to enter the water haha. Everyone heard him and was laughing so hard and then he held his breath for the whole time I made the prayer. Then on sunday when he was going to get confirmed he said he didn't want to go up in front to get confirmed becuase he didn't have a white shirt and tie. haha but we finally got him to go up haha. Plus he can't hear very well and yells everytime he talks. So he is a very divertido (funny) persona haha.
But this week was spent with bastante momentos espirituales (quite spiritual moments). Super awesome! I can testify that it doesnt matter what you say, the people don't have to belive your words, but there is one thing that's super hard to deny, that is the spirit. Now there are people that still deny it and it's super hard to see them do this, but the other people I have so much love and so much feliz (happiness) for them, that they really want to change, that they really want to know.
This is what I loved this week.
Oh and I got another fetcha (date) for the 14 de february. :) Super happy. Hopefully 2 more fetchas this week.
Love you all:)

Elder Flygare

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