Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 22

Well this week was alright. We have quite a bit of potential in the future but I think I'll be leaving in 3 weeks... I'm kinda sad but kinda happy. I want to leave and experience new areas in El Salvador but the people that we have potential with I have grown so close to. It's going to be hard to leave them if I do have changes in 3 more weeks.
But anyways this week we did quite a bit of service for some people here. We put a new door up for a house, but it was super hard because they didn't have a firm wall. The wall is made out of dirt, so when we were putting it up it started to fall down. So she's gonna have to put more dirt up. haha but it took like 70 min. to put up the door and make it so the door could move and that the door wouldn't fall over with the wall. We put up tons of sticks to make the wall more firm. and we pushed a guy in this huge wheel chair thing that weighs like 30 pounds its self up a hill for like 3 quarters of  a mile and he weighs like 250 pounds. All I'm saying is that I was sweating a lot haha.
But whatever, I'm here to serve the people. I'll push him up that hill every week if he wants haha. But the sad thing this week, was one of the hermana's fetchas fell through... hopefully he will get her baptized this change, but thats about it haha.-
Well sorry the pictures wont load on to the computer, I'll send them next week.
Take care everyone and I love you all.
Elder Flygare

Coconuts are super good. This is the first time I tried them!
and this guy can't hear so we have to talk in sign language with him. It's hard but I learned a couple things. It's not real sign language but he understands haha. and he is a member, actually the brother of the bishop.

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