Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 23

So this Saturday we have a baptism! woahhhh! This one is not another 95 year old man. He is 11 years old and his mom is a member but she is inactive and he never had the oportunity to be  baptized. So we are giving him this opportunity and his grandpa will help us bring him to church every week. His grandpa is super awesome. His name is nachito haha,. and he is 77. He is super funny and I love talking with him. So the good thing about this week is we put another fetcha for the 1st of March, but sadly I think I'm going to be leaving...but its ok. As long as she feels the happiness and joy she will receive after the baptism. That's the best part to see them super happy, but we will see next week if I have changes or not. I have been here in Candelaria for 4 I think I will be leaving, but it's good to experience new cities. Well thanks for all your emails and prayers.
Love you all.

Elder Flygare

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