Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March 28, 2016

Family and friends,

Well this week was just awesome!!! We had our baptism that was planned but guess who else got baptized with him... his wife!!

Soo this week the family Jose Carmen Moya and Albertina Noyola de Moya got baptized. They are two older people and are just so cute. This saturday she turned 66. So we went to their house to throw a little party and make some pupusas for them. It was wonderful and the pupusas were super delicious and his other kids were there and we were able to contact some of his kids and invite them to go to church. Carmelo wants us to teach all his kids and grandkids so that they can be members also. He is already a missionary. This family are real converts.

Sunday they got confirmed and the Hermana Albertina said as she looked at her kids, aren't you going to give them a couple charlas? ( teach them lessons) They are so good and I am happy I got to know them.

So this week we also went to the temple with some investigators so they can get to know it and maybe help them on their way to take the next steps in their lives to get baptized. It was a good time.

Well that's it for this week
Talk to ya next week:)
Elder Flygare

baptism and
birthday party;)

Friday, March 25, 2016

March 21, 2016

Family and friends,

Wow, I am loving it here in Nopal! With my kid Elder Paz, haha! It has been super fun and I feel like the members are helping us out a lot, because we are actually showing them that we care for them. They said that the missionaries before just passed on by when they saw them and didn't talk to much to them, but we are actually trying to take the time to get to know each and every one of them. They have all invited us over to eat and even the parents who aren't members of some of the youth have seen us helping them out a lot and invite us to eat dinner with them. Wow, I'm going to get fed here pretty good!

This week we also saw a lot of miracles. We were able to keep finding new people to teach and guess what, the best part is all of them have good friends in the church. So this Sunday we didn't pass by for anyone and we had 9 people in church and 1 family. This week we are going to work hard to put the dates with these people but for right now we only got one date and it's for this week, Carmelo! I'll send a pic of us with his sombrero on, haha!

My comp is learning a lot and I have seen him grow a lot. He likes to start the lessons and he likes to take the lead of the lessons. He always asks me what he can do better and well we are helping us both out. He is a really good comp, but it's just the El Salvadorians are jokesters and they like never stop. So sometimes I get tired of it but whatever right haha!

Sunday after church we had bought before hand stuff to do pupusas with the Hermano Carmelo. So we went with a family in the ward to make them in his house and they ended up loving it. Carmelo's wife wants us to do pupusas again this Saturday for her birthday and Carmelo said that Saturday there will be like 20 other family members who he wants them to get to know the church. So we should find a lot of news on Saturday haha and we will see if they will progress!

Well I think that's it!

Elder Flygare

March 14, 2016

Well here I am still in Auchapan, but in the ward EL NOPAL.

This ward is pretty cool as of right now, and well we don't have a bishop. He left for the states a couple months ago. Haha, so ya the ward has some problems thanks to the fault of leadership, but we are going to help them so they can get up to where they were at.

We came here to this ward with 0 people with a date, 0 progressing and 0 that went to church.
This week we had 2 people in church, and 1 fam. We have 1 date and 2 progressing:) Wow I have seen so many blessings here in this ward, even though this ward only has a goal of 12 baptisms in the year I think that we will get like 6 in these next two months. There are a lot of really good people and they all want to hear from us:)

So my new comp is Elder Paz from El Salvador, he is from Soyapango. He is really tall and he loves soccer, like all latins haha. But he is really sweet and I'm glad he is my comp:)

Well that's it for this week:)


Elder Flygare

March 7, 2016

Hello family,
Well I dont think I told you guys this last week, but after the baptism of Gonzalo he couldn't find his keys to get in his house. Well the word "house" is an overstatement, but he couldn't find the keys to open the lock that was closed with chains around his door. So he said he slept outside for two days... Sunday night and Monday night... I felt so bad so we went and cut the lock for him and bought him a new one right when we found out that he was sleeping out side.

También voy a escribir este parte en español para que solo entienden los que saben español. jaja pero y mi compañero estábamos caminando por un lugar que se llama sagrada familia hasta la cuidad de Turín. era las 5 en la tarde y en este momento salimos de una cita donde encontramos como 4 nuevos. y cuando estábamos caminando pasamos algunas personas y siempre decimos buenas día, tarde, o noche. y una vicha y sus amigas pasaron a la par nuestro y cuando dijimos buenas tardes una de ellas dijo a mi compañero , muy buenísimas tarde y comenzaron a reírse con todo las vichas. y yo dije a mi compañero que ella lo quiera con todo jaja y el me dijo pues ya se fue nuestro próximo bautismo jaja.

También (Also).. I have changes.... it's a sad day...I am going to an área thats called Nopal. I'm going to open it and train. So it's my first time training but we will see how it goes and this área is in Ahuachapán, so I'll be somewhat close to my old área haha. just like 30 min by bus, haha, but we are going to have to make this Ward work, because I heard they are slackers haha. Well that's all.
I'm going to miss my twin here in the mission, Elder Laing, but I know he will kill it there in Turin.

Love you guys!

Elder flygare

February 29, 2016

Well this week was great because another soul has repented and chosen to come unto Christ!  His name is Gonzalo. He is 65 years old, and lives in a room that maybe is 10X20 feet long, super small and all that is in there is a bed and some clothes.

This week we also had another new inverstigator form two weeks ago that came to church. He said he loved it and he stayed for the baptism to see it and he loved it even more haha. He has a date for the 19th of March and he is super positive! He is such a perfect investigator. We always read the BOM with him and ask him if he believes if the BOM is the word of God and he says, "I know it's true, I don't have any doubts".  Alright, case is done, will you get baptized this week please??? haha but we invited him for the 19th and he really has a desire to get baptized!

Blessings every day:)  Well I love you guys and I hope everything is going great!

Elder Flygare

1. the baptism:)

2. that thumb though!!!Thumbs up sign