Friday, March 25, 2016

March 14, 2016

Well here I am still in Auchapan, but in the ward EL NOPAL.

This ward is pretty cool as of right now, and well we don't have a bishop. He left for the states a couple months ago. Haha, so ya the ward has some problems thanks to the fault of leadership, but we are going to help them so they can get up to where they were at.

We came here to this ward with 0 people with a date, 0 progressing and 0 that went to church.
This week we had 2 people in church, and 1 fam. We have 1 date and 2 progressing:) Wow I have seen so many blessings here in this ward, even though this ward only has a goal of 12 baptisms in the year I think that we will get like 6 in these next two months. There are a lot of really good people and they all want to hear from us:)

So my new comp is Elder Paz from El Salvador, he is from Soyapango. He is really tall and he loves soccer, like all latins haha. But he is really sweet and I'm glad he is my comp:)

Well that's it for this week:)


Elder Flygare

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