Friday, March 25, 2016

February 22, 2016

Awesome week!

So we did a session in the temple this week, it was so amazing to feel the incredible spirit of the house of the Lord once again, and remember the sacred covenants that I have made. I am so grateful to have temples, and especially one here in El Salvador, we are so blessed, and I hope you can all go to the temple this week, and send me selfies of course. Also, a relative of Elder Laing brought us cookies and brownies when she went to the temple with us! They were delicious, yummmmmmm.

We have some very positive investigators, only a few things in their way such as work, studies, family, but we see progresion. We are teaching a young kid lamed Luis that is just incredible, and is learning from the lessons so well, and developing great faith, as well as another named Juan, and my little Pillsbury dough buddy Alonso. Hahah, I love being a missionary and am having the time of my life!! Pray that we will find more families to baptize, I want to take families to the temple!!

Also, This week Gonzalo will be baptized, otro viejito pequeno, so their road to endure is a little shorter! that means it will be easier to get into the celestial kingdom for them:) haha!

That's it,
Love you guys
Elder Flygare

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