Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Eighteenth Week

Well I found out today that I dont have changes but my comp. does. So there is 8 missionaries here in candelaria and only 3 is changing and 2 of us just got done with training haha. It will be super difficult to show my new comp around and talk to all my investigators for the first week because he wont know them, but hopefully it comes. haha!
So this week was awesome. All our hard work finally payed off, all of it! We have 7 investigators in church, 7!!!! Super crazy. We have never had more than 2 and most the time it has been 0, haha, but we had 7 in church. We have 2 baptism dates and one for the 10th. But hopefully I can get 4 this next change. It will be a big turn around. Right when my trainer is leaving we start to get people to church and we start to get people to accept dates. haha!
But this week also we had a crazy experience of bringing people to church. We were walking and inviting people to church in a calle called Ojo de Agua. That is where our investigator Angelica who has a fetcha (baptism date) lives and so we just got done talking to her and she was going to come. After that some random girl told us that up the road there was a girl that wanted to go to church. Her name was Raina or something and from Guatemala. So me and my comp go up there to see if we can find her, but alot of people get us mixed up for Jehova witnesses, don't ask me why, but we asked some girl that owns a little tienda if she knows a Raina that is up on this road and she says ya this is my friend right here in my house and this girl is like strong in a different religion. So we never taught her to much, but we find out that they are friends and we ask them some questions, but then the girl says we are going to go to church. and me and my comp. think that she means her church so we said oh that's cool, we will come by sometime next week and see how your doing, but when we got to church after inviting all our investigators, the too old ladies were there ready for church and we didn't expect them, at all to go. But me and my comp have been praying super hard to bring people to church because that's the hardest thing for us and finally it happened and 2 new investigators with it. Haha blessings blessings blessings!
Haha gotta love them:)
Well let's have a baptism this week.

Elder Flygare

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