Thursday, February 4, 2016

December 21st 2015

Well this week was a another week down and another week closer to talking to my family. This week I will be able to talk to them and I'm really so happy for this 25th. This week has been pretty good. I went on 2 interchanges and it went really well. I went to another area and we went with a family and they have a little daughter who hasn't been baptized yet and she has 9 years. So she went to church yesterday and will get baptized this next month.

Well, so we went with this family this week that are members and they always give us lunch on Sundays and they were asking me about what is the holiday that passed last month? What is Thanksgiving? Who made it up? and one time the dad asked me like 5 times the same question and all I said was si because I was done with explaining it over and over again and they all started to laugh and right now they think that I don't understand Spanish because I answered the same way like 5 times, but everything is good, Better if they think I don't know Spanish because then they don't ask me a ton of questions, haha!

Well that's it, haha adios!

Elder Flygare

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