Monday, November 3, 2014

9th Week

Well another week has passed and they are going by a lot faster. People say that the first two changes are super slow but then it picks up. If it goes faster than this, then I'll be at a year before I know it. So today we are going to buffalo wild wings for my companions uno ano. So next week I'll send pictures.
so I saw a cow scratching his head with his back foot....I have only seen dogs do that, cows are too fat to do that. what the? But we have been getting alot of food from members lately because our stake president macheted the members for not feeding us enough haha. So que chivo. (thats cool) the El Salvadorian way. Haha!
So far 4 people have commited to baptism without a date, we have to work on some stuff first with them. They need to go to church, but hopefully within the next month I can get a couple baptisms.
They listen to alot of American music here, I hear it in the cars as they drive by and I'm really starting to like the latino music.... haha I didnt really like it before I left but now I love it.
Well take care, just 2 months down. haha!

Elder Flygare

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