Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 15

Well Christmas is getting closer, so excited for it, to talk to my family and mom I got my package and your letter last week. The package was super good. Thanks, it had so much love in it;) haha love ya guys. Thanks for all the food, the mini tree and lights, and so far the letters I have opened.
So this week was super good. We set a baptism date with Angelica, our super postive investigator. She is planning for the 28th of Deciembre, but yesterday she came to church, which was expected, but then after sacrament, she went to the next class and in that class we talked about the word of wisdom, (plabra de sabiduria) and that is one thing she needs to work on. We haven't taught her that lesson yet so we were kinda nervous how she would take it. She told us before that she drinks coffee, but during the class she didn't say a word and then after she shook my hand and left....I was like what the crap we have 1 more hour... and she left... is she mad at us for not teaching her about coffee yet or what happened? So we went by her house yesterday after church. She wasn't there but her son said she was up the road. So we start walking up the road and we find her. She was at another house and she said hey misiionaries are you guys looking for me and we said ya we are. We told her we would visit one family first and be back in 30 min. and she said that's fine because she has some questions for us and than we got super scared. We went and taught the family and after my comp. was freaking out...  We went to her house and we started with a prayer. Then we asked for her question and we would do our best to answer it. She said that at church she learned something new... then she asked what's the difference between templos and churches... WOAH what a relief. haha. becuase in church a lady gave a talk about churches and temples. We were scared she was going to say something about coffee. So we answered her question about the temples and then asked about the coffee. She said that she doesnt drink alot and she knows it not good for our body so she said she would stop... haha the best day of my life. I'm so happy to finally have a fetcha (date) on the 28th.
Well thats my report for this week. Doing super good and keep doing better:) haha, miss you all and wish ya a Merry Christmas.

Elder Flygare

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