Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016

Dear family and friends,
Well this week was also a good week, because we had another baptism. The youth we baptized this week was someone who we talked with on the first day here in our area. It took really long to baptize him because his grandma didn't want to give the signature even though she is in charge of him. She said he had to talk to his parents who don't live there with him. Even though all of his family are members but inactive it was a little hard. But we finally got them to support him in his decision to get baptized and 4 of his family members were there at his baptism and one being his sister who isn't a member yet, but she goes to another church. But we will see if she wants to keep coming to church and would like to get baptized also.

Also, this week on Saturday, the day of the baptism. I woke up feeling a little bad and that day when I got done taking a shower I felt like I was freezing and all my energies were gone. So I went to bed and put my blanket over me but I still felt super cold. My comp got done getting ready and came over and asked me what was wrong and he felt my forehead and I had a fever so I just stayed there in bed with my  body aching and aching. So we just left in the morning to fill up the baptismal font and to visit one person and then I went to eat and then to the house to rest until the baptism, while my companion left with someone else to visit. Then when we got there to the baptism my hands started to itch a lot. So some members told me to take some pills so the itching would go away. Then later that night I talked to the nurses and they said that it looks like I have a case of Chikenguya. So I might have to go take some examines today to see if that is really what I have or if it's something else. But don't worry because they say that your body only hurts for 3 days straight and then it goes away! haha!

Also, we are planning on baptizing this week again so we will see how it goes and if she is all ready to get baptized, because she has to get married first to be able to be baptized. But her husband is really hard hearted. He is fine with her getting baptized but he doesn't want to stop playing soccer on Sundays to be able to live the day of rest and too be able to have an eternal family. His priorities are set upon the things of this world and it's going to talk many prayers to change his heart. So please pray for them and so he can change his mindset.

Elder Flygare

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