Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May 2, 2016

Wow! This week we have had a challenge with our district and it was to see how many news we could find in these last two weeks, but we were really strict with the news we were finding. If we are actually finding peope who were positive we would count them, like we weren't just doing it for numbers. So two weeks ago we found 74 as a district and this last week we found 102 as a district. Now this week we are going to focus on, fechas, investigators in church, and investigators progressing. I hope that this challenge that we are doing will help animate the district so we can have success this month and prepare us for the future.

This week has been a little frustrating trying to get a signature so one of our investigators can get baptized, because the abuela (grandma) is being really hard right now to get the firma (signature). But I think this week we are going to be able to get the firma and we will see when we get this kid baptized. He wanted to get baptized last week but we didn't have the firma.

Well, also a big shout out to my mom this wonderful day, because it's her birthday. So I just want to say Happy Birthday mom and I hope the best for you today! and your present will be a skype call next week! haha!

Love you guys and most of all, love you mom for everything you do for me.

Talk to you guys later,

Elder Flygare

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