Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 25

Well changes happened and it was pretty sweet. I got a new area, it's called El Mora and it's like the north part of Santa Ana. It's kinda still in the jungle. There are cities but not like the city Santa Ana, but this area is super sweet and I save so much money here. Haha, in my last area, the buses were like 45 cents for everywhere you go and sometimes 50 but here it's 20 and we don't have to take that many buses. Haha, but all I got to say is this ward helps a lot more. They all want more baptisms and give alot of references and are willing to leave with you when ever you want to go contact them. This ward is hard working and that's what I like. They do activities to help the investigators feel more common here and to get to know more members, but this ward doesn't have a lot of active people, only had 100 people in church this last sunday.
Well my new comp's name is Elder Galicia and is from Guatemala City and he is 19 years old. We both young bucks, he has 8 months and I have 5 haha. So we are both a little new but it doesn't matter. This week we put one fetcha and they had one before. We want to put another fetcha with 2 more this week. So hopefully we can do it. I love this area, it has some positive investigators.
Well this is about it I think haha, adios and take care guys!

Love ya!

Elder Flygare

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