Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 28 (March 23)

Well this week was so awesome. The best week in my mission:) me and my comp brought 10 investigators to church and only had like 8 people say they were coming haha so that was really good and as of right now we have 5 fetchas.:) Man I can't describe how happy I am right now. We have been working so hard and finally the work pays off. It's the best, but we have alot of investigaotrs preparing for the future to get baptized. We have 8 other investigator on top of the 5 that has a meta or goal for this next month coming up. haha!
But I know that the lord has been answering our prayers. I feel so happy that I get to see my work start to work and not only that but recieve more than what I wanted or expected.
I know that the lord is helping us here. I know that these people are making some of the biggest choices in there lives and the blessing they will receive from making these covenants with God will not only affect them but there families and the poeple that live around them also. I'm glad I have this opportunity to be here and to serve God. I'm glad for my comp, this area, and to be in this country:) I'm happy to get to know the people here and to help the make these changes in their lives.
Take care guys and I know that the Lord is helping all of us even when we don't see it yet, just wait and press forward and you will see all those blessings that the lord has for each and everyone of us.
Take care, love ya

Elder Flygare

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