Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 31

Hey family and friends,
Well lets just start with that this week was awesome!!! Started with emailing this last Monday and I found out that my Bro. is a trainer. haha! I'm proud of ya man, and also Brody is a ZL, say what, haha man all the people from my class are killing it in their missions it sounds like. haha.
Well also this week we had the wedding and the baptisms of the family we have been teaching this last month or so. I'm super happy! So last week they couldn't get married because the papers of the wife didn't have the partido number and it was really frustrating to get those papers in one week, when we can't just leave to a city an hour away and take them out. So we had other missionaries do it and then they handed it over to our zone leaders, but don't worry, all is well and we got it all done. haha but they seemed so happy at the wedding and I know they will be a great family in the church. The dad was ready to go to church at 7:45 and church starts at 9, haha and then they fed the kids and came to church.
But also we saw another miracle in our area this week. The other week we were walking down the road and I see this kid Emerson who is always at the church and I thought he was just a hombre joven in our ward (or young man in our ward). But I started to talk to him and he said he wasn't a member and wanted to be baptized. So I was super happy and when we left I told my comp that we needed to go visit him the next day, but my comp was like well ya we could do it another day. Well that day never came, I have no clue why he didn't want to visit I took the chance when I was on intercambios and my comp left to go visit this kid, and what happened___ well we put another fetcha of course. Ya me and another gringo that only has one more change than me. So ya it was pretty awesome that we put a fetcha. haha. But then yesterday we visited the kid that I talked to in the street Emerson, we talked about lesson 1 and about his baptism and in this lesson he had a friend there too, so we were like ok this is a new kid, we could try teaching him but need permission from his mom. So we taught them real quick and then the kid said that he has been to mutuals before and liked the church and that he was wondering if he could get baptized the same day as his amigo Emerson. haha! So we talked to his mom and she said if that's what he really wants then its totally ok. So it looks like we will be baptizing them both on the 10th of May, or also known as Mother's Day when I get to call my parents. Man this change couldn't get any better, I get to talk to my parents, a wedding and baptized a family, and want to baptize 3 more people this change by the 14th of May. I'm just a little worried about after this change, will I have people to keep teaching to keep baptizing or will I be hitting up every door again like last change to try to find people to teach...well we will just have to see.

Love you all and thanks for everything you do, I can't wait to speak with my family on the 10th and happy late anniversary on the 14th of April to my wonderful padres. Love you guys and hope all is well at home.
Tranquilo Bicho

Elder Flygare

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