Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week 30

Well this week was great, we had a baptism this Saturday and we baptized 3 people. I'm a little sad becuase our goal was 5 for this week but the papers to get married had problems. So we are going to marry the parents of the 2 kids this next week. Pray that all the papers are good and we can marrry them and that satan won't work with them to change their minds or anything like that:) haha.
But we have been preparing for the marriage all week, trying to find clothes for 5 people to be baptized and clothes for the marriage because they are super poor and don't have any nice clothes. But we also got to teach another hermana and her daughter. The husband is a member and just not the mom and the 2 kids and the mom had time to come to church this week and loved it. So we are hoping that we can put 3 more fetchas with this family for this next change or the last week of this change. Our goal right now for this change is to baptize 8 people and I hope all is good so we can do it. I know satan is working hard with them, I know with out a doubt. I have seen all the trials they have had in these last 2 weeks and its crazy how they continue to keep pushing forward. So please just pray that all will go good this week for the boda and love you guys and have a great week.

Elder Flygare

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