Tuesday, December 1, 2015

August 10th

Woahhh, haha this week was good one. Haha, so I had changes like you guys know and I left from El Mora... which was kinda of sad and I moved to Primavera in Zona Modelo. So if you look on a map you can see that El Mora or Bella Vista is on one side of the street and on the other side of the street is a different zone, and different stake and everything. Well for changes I got sent to the other side of the street haha. I take the same bus to leave and to get there haha. My area's name is Primavera. Here in our zone we have a lot of the leaders. The APs, ZLs, 4 DLs, sister training leaders, and the secretaries of the mission, and 2 trainers. We have a zone of 24 missionaries  and only 8 dont have an assignment in the mission. Do you know which one I am??? Well I got moved up to  zone leader in the Zona Modelo!!!

My comp is Elder Flores (flowers). He is a really good comp and guess what??? He is a twin too!!! Haha and the younger one, haha! I have heard about him before I was his comp but never actually knew him. He has 21 months in the mission and has been a ZL for about a year. So he is going to be dieing next change (or finishing his mission). He is 22 years old and is from Honduras. I have heard the comps from Honduras are either really bad or are really good. He is one of the really good comps. Haha, so I'm lucky. He is a convert to the church. He got baptized and one year later he left for the mission. He is a stud. He knows the church is true without a shadow of a doubt. He was a leader in a Evangelical church of about 20 something people before he knew the church. He first found a Book of Mormon, read it, and talked to the missionaries and got baptized 3 weeks later. After he left the Evangelical church he went back to talk to all the people he would preach to and 17 of them got baptized!!! He was a missionary before his misssion. haha! So here in Primavera we don't have any one to teach right now...we have 0 dates and 0 investigators progressing... So right now we are working purely on talking to people in the streets and references from members, but also another bad thing about our area is that it's only like 8 blocks big... So it's super small, but our goal for this change is 5 so we are going to find these people right now. So they can get baptized in 3 weeks. and were going to do it, we got faith that it will happen.

So we also went to the temple this week haha. We took investigators to the temple so they could learn more about it. In our zone we brought 34 people, which is alright. It's not the best, because the last time we did the temple trip my zone brought 54 I think. But the thing was that there was a holiday but the day before the trip so a lot more people could have gone but they didn't have vacations.

Well I think that's it for this week, I'll send pics of the baptisms last week but I have a virus and it wont download the photos... sorry

Well that's it. Love you guys so much and have a great week

Elder Flygare

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