Tuesday, December 1, 2015

October 27th

Hello again,

Well sorry I probably didn't give a good warning last week, but we had a meeting with one of the area presidency and the church's historical president. Elder Alonso who is of the 70 and in our area presidency and Elder Snow and Elder Turley (I think it was) they came to talk to us and to see how the church is here in Central America.

What they told us was that 65 years ago in Guatemala there were less than 100 members and now there is 2 temples, and a quarter of a million members. Something super crazy to think about. How really the lord can work through the hands of his servants to grow his church, to help everyone of his children so they can recieve the saving ordinances. Which through these things makes us able to recieve the biggest blessing ever. THE ETERNAL LIFE. Who wouldn't want that?

But on the other hand I was thinking about the sacrament a lot this week. One thing I really miss is the long sacrament meetings there in the states to think about Christ a lot more. Here in like 5 min. every thing is done... haha, it's super quick but still gives me at least during this time a little bit to reflect on my life as a missionary. To think how am I personally to remember the sacrifice that Christ paid for me. I can't express how grateful I am every Sunday to partake of the sacrament and renew my covenants with him.

Well, we know about the changes and I don't have them, I will be here in Primavera another change. I'm pretty happy and excited to see more of these people we have progress. Also, I will be here in Modelo another change with the Elder Stott, my best friend in the mission. Haha, so it's going to  be pretty fun and crazy.

Well I think that's it. I love you guys and talk to you next week.:)

Elder Flygare

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