Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 30th

Well this week was just another week. Thanksgiving wasn't any different. Just we have Chrsitmas everything for two months..they started putting up lights two weeks ago here. Not to many people do it but there are people who do!!! and I will with a tree I got in my house!:)

But this week Francisco, my convert told us we can go talk to his aunt this next week. She doesn't attend any church and she doesn't hate the mormones...those are the best signs I have heard in a long time haha:) Hopefully she's positive and accepts to come to church with Fransisco.
That's what you call a PILAS member. Someone who just go tbaptized and is helping you find others to get baptized and I also heard he's going to go to California, and move there next year. I will totally invite him over to the house for a couple weeks mom and dad, just to let you know;) haha! Anything to help out my converts!:)

Well that's all. In 3 weeks I get to call my parents:))))) I'm super excited and ready to talk to them fo the last Christmas in my mission:)

Love you guys

Elder Flygare

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