Tuesday, December 1, 2015

May 25

Well this week was a little sad. We had two fetchas for this last Saturday and it didn't end up happening, they said they need more time. But also we put another fetcha with two other people - one mom of one of my converts and this other lady who's name is Roxanna. We have to divorce the husband first and then marry them, but everyone is in with the decision to divorce and too marry so I think we will be fine. Just the papers to do it will take a month. So I might not be here in this area at this time but I hope I am so I can see them get baptized.:) and if not I think I can return to see it. Well if I'm not to far away:) haha!

But this week was just normal, not very many things that happened. My comp I have right now, reminds me so much of Braxton. haha, in almost everything he does haha!

Well I want to say congrats to my cousin Marisa, she will be leaving for her mission and gave her farewell talk and I know she will do great there in Florida:)

Also to Rylie who got her call this week to Washington:) haha I'm so proud of you, and you leave super soon, so hurry and pack everything haha

And happy birthdays to Debbie, Elle and Mariah this past week and Bryten today:) Hope you guys have or had an awesome day and that you guys are doing great:)

Love you all:)

Elder Flygare

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