Tuesday, December 1, 2015

May 4th

Whats up everyone? How's life going there in the U.S.?
No I'm just joking, I don't want to know about all the fun stuff your doing, like seeing new movies and eating at good restraunts...haha I'm kidding again, tell me all about it!!! But first I want to give a BIG shoutout to my mom, her birthday was on Saturday:) So happy birthday mom and I wish it was the best!
So this week has been pretty good, we went on interchanges with the zone leaders to have interviews with some of our invetigators that are going to get baptized this next Sunday on Mother's Day. We have 5 dates set up for this next Sunday. Pray that satan won't work to hard to put trials in their way before there baptisms:) thanks! haha
So this week was pretty good, yesterday I completed 8 months in the mission, or you can say now that I'm one third of the way done. Ya this time has flown by and I'm feeling a lot of mixed feelings...happy that I understand just about everything, and sad that the time is flying by so fast, but happy again that time flies by fast so I can talk to my parents over skype haha:) but there's a lot of things that I'm going to miss when I go home from here and one is their lifestyle it is so relaxed, I know that's something my dad always said to me about his mission, but it's true, they literally do nothing and have like no problems... besides all the apostasy that they are living in and probably won't have that much of a relaxed life after this one but hey if you know what your doing you can obtain both right??? haha
So this week I had a really nasty experience with eating a mango. So we were visiting family Mejia that we maarried and baptized like 3 weeks ago and they are really humble and nice, the parents dont have a really good job. The dad broke his arm last year really bad and has big nails in his arm. He can't raise it more than above his shoulder and that happened because he fell from a huge tree from cutting down the fruit and 2 different places he broke his arm and they sell fruit that they buy from people and barely make enough money to pay bills and to pay for food. They live in this little shack that's made out of laminas. I don't know how to say that in English but its strips of metal, but the dad gave me a mango one day when we visited and usually i just wash the mangos and eat them becuase they are so good. But I washed it and I got about half way done with eating this mango when I looked down and saw this black spot where I bit into it, and I heard that they aren't good... because thats where the worms are eating the mango, so I asked my comp if it had worms and when I looked back at it, I bit a worm in half, and a bunch of baby worms were crwaling around... and without hesitating I spit out all that mango that was in my mouth and rinsed out my mouth with water about 50 times. and later that night I prayed that I wouldnt get parasites... well  about one week later, and im fine.  So I think that all will be good, I'll let you know if I end up getting them from something else though. haha
Well I think that's it.

Elder Flygare

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