Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 16th

Well, another week down and next Tuesday we should have a baptism here in my area. It was supposed to be for last week but his mom couldnt go. So this next Tuesday she can go and see it.  I'll send some pictures next week of the baptism.

So also this last week we went and played cage soccer in Cuidad Paraiso (my first zone). So we went there and played against the other zone. Also, the stake president from the other stake came and he played against us. haha! He is pretty young but couldn't run a lot because got tired really quick haha and well this week after I get done writing this email. We are going to go play soccer and other sports in a sports club here by my area against my old zone, ZONE MOLINO. We are definitely going to win. haha, but the cool thing is that this place is free for us as missionaries. I talked to the secretary of the place and he told me that it's free for us to enter. We would just have to pay for food if we wanted to eat there. The secretary just asked me how long so they could have tables set up and everything for us, haha! You can say I got some conections here in El Salvador:= no just kidding, he already did it one time before with the missionaries like 7 months ago. So it was pretty easy to get him to do it again. haha!

But there was something I was studing this week that I want to share with you guys. I was studying in Jesus the Christ and I was thinking, why didn't I ever read that book before the mission. It explains the life of Jesus Christ so well and right now because sometimes it has hard English words I have to look up these words in Spanish to understand it haha. But I am in chapter 11 when its talking about the first disciples of Christ and it says that Andrew and John were the first to start following christ and when Andrew knew that Christ was the messiah he went and told his brother Simon (Peter) that he had found him. Then the next day also Philip did the same with his friend Nathanael.
Now these were soon to become the 12 apostles of Christ and how did they find the lord? Through their family and friends they came too the knowledge of the gospel and found the Christ. How many of us share the gospel with our friends and family that aren't members? Or maybe with them that are not active members? But we don't know the person they can become. We need to do everything to help them recieve the blessings from going to church and commiting to live the commandments.

So this last week we had an activity that went pretty well in the stake. I'll send some pictures of this last week.

Elder flygare out!

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