Tuesday, December 1, 2015

October 12th

Well this week was pretty good and it was really long. I hardly wasn't in my area this week. I went to San Salvador to renew my card or my visa that I have. So we were there until like 2 o'clock. We returned and then we went on interchanges with the assitants and it went pretty well haha. We went and visited a girl that went to conference with the assistants and she was super crazy. She said she doesn't like the church because there are a lot of things that are wrong. Like that the missionaries don't walk around in sandles because shoes are not good for your feet and also that we shouldn't underline our scriptures because there super sacred and that no one would have ever done that in the catholic church. But another thing and another thing passed and we just decided to leave. She was crazy and just wanted to hear from the other assistant that wasn't there. haha! So that investigator for the assistants wansn't to positive haha but they had a lot of people that went to the conference and we visited a lot of them and they were pretty positive!! I know that they will have more success this change and the next change. But sorry I don't have tons of time to write a story but I'll send some pictures also next week because this computer is super bad and has tons of viruses.. sorry. That's one thing I dont like about here in El Salvador, everything has viruses and one of my memories...:(
But oh well, I'll put something on there to clean out the virus! Thanks for listening and reading this email if you did haha!

Have a great week:)

Elder Flygare

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