Tuesday, December 1, 2015

July 20th

Hey everybody,
Well this week was really good. The sad thing was...well nothing, it was great haha. We have been working hard finding new people. This week we had 7 people in church and 4 new. It was wonderful. I can't wait to see these people progress. So we have one fecha and 2 metas or 1 date and 2 goals. but tomorrow we will change the goal to a date for this Sunday. So this change we are looking at something like 5 baptisms. Well this is what I am hoping for.

So this week we had a big miracle, President Spjut has been telling us that we need to try to baptize every week and not just 3 or 4 on one date unless they are a family so we need to find some one new everyweek that wants to get baptized. So this week one of the jovenes took us to his cousins house and we taught a solid lesson about repentance and baptism, and they accepted, and went to church. So we were so happy that they could go, feel the spirit and accept a date to be baptized. So hopefully they will be baptized the 26 of july:) woahhhhhh:) haha

Well that's it:) Just wish that my little bro had the best birthday the last week for the 3th of July:)

Well this week on Tuesday we found bats in our house. My comp said they were a wierd type of frog... and I sad ya no that is a bat, but he didn't believe me haha. but how cool huh?!:) They were so cute;) haha well that's it.


Elder Flygare

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