Tuesday, December 1, 2015

June 1

Well this week was good. We had an activity in the church this Saturday and there was a soccer tournament. Too bad we didn't play as missionaries or we would have won;) haha but after that we had an activity and some other games, and after that carne asada. It was super good but I think I got sick from it.... I woke up Sunday and my stomach hurt so bad and when I ate it hurt evern more, but if it countinues to hurt then I will call the nurse and see what I can do to feel better. But it's alright, we still went to work yestersday and moved one of our fetchas up a little bit. Her name is hermana Maria. She is the mom of one of my converts. She is super awesome. She want to be baptised as soon as possible. So we will baptise her the 13th of June and we hope that we can have 1 or 2 more after her for this change but not so sure right now, but I believe it can happen. 
So this week that is coming up we are going to help hermana Maria build a bigger room at the house of her daughter so that she can live here. She lives like 15 min away but who she lives with doesn't want anything with the church so she kinda got kicked out, but she is super good and wants to be baptized CON TODO. haha!
Well I'll be completing 9 months in 2 days!! So were going to party for another birthday;) haha and next month... is my actual birthday:) I'll finally be 19 haha;)
Well love you guys and miss ya:)
Elder Flygare

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