Tuesday, December 1, 2015

September 7th


Well this week we did alright. We finally put a fecha. Woahhhh! Haha, but she is going to get baptized the 4th of October. Her name is Josseline and she has family that are members, like her uncle and grandma but not her mom or dad. So we are going to be working with the mom and the daughter for the 4th of October. The daughter is sure that she is going to get baptized, but the mom said she will support her in all that she is doing and go to church with her. So we will see if she wants to take this step in her life too.

I am loving the mission and am so ready to make up for the baptisms we didn't have this change with this next change. We have a lot of potential and I hope these people feel the need to repent of there sins and we are going to keep finding the people that want to make changes in there life and have faith that we will feel the grace of god in our area.

Well so I completed the one year and it feels wierd... haha

Well thanks for everything, love you guys.


Elder Flygare

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