Tuesday, December 1, 2015

May 11

Well this week was awesome!!! 1. I got to talk to my parents 2. We had 4 more baptisms Sunday morning 3. And we had stake conference and we Heard from Elder Dwarte who is in charge of the missionaries in Central America, or at least I think so. haha! So you can say that this week was one that I will never forget. We had interviews with President Spjut and he said he was really impressed with our numbers as a companionship. We had 9 baptisms, 2 fetchas or dates for the next change and about 2 more metas, or goals with people for this next change. So we should baptize at least 2 here next change. haha! I'm so happy to be in this area, it's the best. We are so blessed. So there was a miracle that happened this week, I would like to tell the story of what happened,
     So this week we went into the week thinking that we were going to have 5 baptisms. The 5 people are Jose, Emerson, Adrian, Emerson and Michael Molina. So we were hoping to get them all baptized and we were super happy. Then Tuesday came and we had interchanges. I was with another gringo and we talked to a friend of one of our fetchas (adrian cortez) and he said that he wanted to be baptized and this kid moved to this area 1 week ago. So we told him that we could help him prepare and everything, but then he asked us if he could be baptized this week with his friend. Aat first I was like freak...man I wish but you have to have to go at the mínimum 3 times to the church and then he told us that he has gone 5 times! He has gone 2 times with his cousins in Los Pinos, 2 times in Aldea where he used to live and 1 time in some other sard. So we told him we would have to ask the zone leaders and after we asked them they said for sure we could baptize him. If he already has 5 assistances to church. So this weekend came and we baptized him. But the sad thing is that 2 of our other fetchas said they wanted to attend church a little more before they get baptized. So we put a fetcha with Emerson and Micheal Molina for the end of this month, and hopefully they are ready and feel like its something they need to do to recieve blessings from our Heavenly Father.  So we almost had 6 this week but not quite. haha but 4 is fine with me as long as the other 2 get baptized this month. haha!
     Well I just want to say, I love my family so much, and I really can't wait till Christmas to talk to you guys again, and when that time comes I'll only have 7 months left. haha but I cant wait:) Love you all so much and talk to you next week!!!

Elder flygare

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