Tuesday, December 1, 2015

June 8th

Well, crazy week. We helped moved one investigator to my area to live with her daughter so she could get baptized. She can't get baptized in the other place because the people she lives with won't let her listen to the missionaries or let them enter the house. So ya we helped her move and did so much service and my hand and arms are so sore... its like my hand is half retarded and doesn't want to work. haha but she will be baptized this Saturday the 13th so this is really exciting. We will have one convert here this change and like 3 for the next change, but I won't be there haha. Well most likely not.

So this week was super fast and frustrating, trying to get the other people to prepare for this month, but they just need more time. but it's all right. As long as they recieve there salvacion one of these days right??? Like God doesn't want them to wait to recieve the blessing but it's the people that want to wait to recieve it.

Well love you guys and remember to read the scriptures.

Elder Flygare

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