Tuesday, December 1, 2015

July 27th

Hey family and friends I am writting you guys from my new Alphasmart. Yes, the package came in and I picked it up on Saturday. woooohoooo! haha! Thanks mom and dad for the stuff I got for my birthday and thanks mom and dad, Aunt Sherri, Grandpa Deano, and Lindsey for the letters I recieved. and I can't wait till I get home to eat all the beef jerky I can. It's so good and I miss it so much.

So this week was a good week, I went to 2 of the other areas in my district and I did the baptismal interviews for 8 investigators that had dates to get baptized for this Saturday. Sadly, only 7 of the 8 got baptized. One girl said she didn't feel ready to get baptized, but I have faith that they will talk with her and she will feel the desire again to get baptized.

So in our mission we had a little challenge this change. It was the 3 districts that had the best percentage of baptisms and metas (goals). But we had to get 2 baptisms for every area, and 1 fecha (date) for every area, and 2 metas (goals) for every area and our time limit ended yesterday. So as a district we had 10 baptisms, we have 3 fetchas, and we have 6 metas. So we are looking at a winning district here. I just hope that it stays like this, haha. We don't find out if we won until later on today and if we win it's a lunch made by president in his house. Que chivo huh? btw chivo in El Salvador means cool. I know it's like almost 9 months late to tell ya that but oh well.

But hey thanks guys for everything you do for me and mostly for the savior. Keep working hard in the work of the lord and you will be blessed with so many blessings that you can't recieve all of them at once.

Love you guys and take care,
Elder Flygare

P.S. We should have a baptism this week. I'll send some pics.

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