Tuesday, December 1, 2015

June 15th

Well this week was good but a little bit of a bummer!
We didn't have our baptism this week. She couldn't make it to get the interview or go to church. Her name is Maria and she is like 60 years old. She couldn't have the interview because she was taking care of her parents who are like almost 100 because they were really sick, but this week she said  she will do everything possible to get the interview and have a family member babysit her parents. So this was the sad part of the week.
But on the brite side, we should have 2 baptisms this week. Hermana Maria and Hermana Adriana. Hermana Adriana is a sister of one of my converts and we have been working really hard with her this change that she can start living the commandments of God. She knew that she wasn't doing the right stuff, but the problem with her was that it was a little hard to stop doing these things and to change, but it happened. She changed and she wants to be baptized. She wants to be an example to her son when he grows up. She wants him to be like me and my comp and one day serve a misión. So this is the good news this week and that one of my other converts talked to her boyfriend, or the dad of her kids about families can be eternal and that if he wanted to have that eternal family he needed to get married to her and be baptized, but not only this but endure to the end, live all the commandments that God has for us and he said yes, he wants to be baptized, to have this eternal family. He knows that his life hasn't been perfect and he wants to make things better. So he is starting to take the discussuions with us and he attended church yesterday. It was awesome. I can't wait to see them get married and baptized.

Well this is all that happened this week.
Adiós and be careful everyone,
Love you guys
Elder Flygare

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